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Our Mission & Values

Gemini believes in forming a business relationship that makes our motivations and incentives aligned with our customers —  that is why we don’t charge for our services by the hour. When an I.T. Company provides work by the hour, they make money when your computer systems are down.

We've got your back.

With our monthly flat rate model, if your systems are having a problem, that is a problem for BOTH of us. This approach also encourages proactive rather than reactive services from us, because we don’t want your system to go down in the first place. This allows us to truly treat your network, systems, and people as if they were our own.

Our Story

Gemini Technical Services was founded by Russ Ziskind in 2002 to service the IT needs of small and medium business as well as nonprofits in the Central New York area. Gemini Technical Services was established from the reorganization of AccuCom Computer Services, which Russ co-founded in 1994.

Proudly Supporting

Our Local Community

And from there we kept growing.

In 2010, Gemini broadened its horizons by entering the Western New York Area. Fast forward a dozen years later and we now proudly provide our top-notch services to customers across the nation —all while never forgetting our home roots.

Remote IT Services =
Nationwide Reach.

Remote assistance means you and your team have the freedom to work anywhere. With us as your Managed Service Provider, you can rest assured that your computers will be safe and up-to-date – no matter where they’re located!

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ROC: 585-205-8430 / 
SYR: 315-635-8080